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Commercial Landscaping In North DeLand

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At Grasshoppers, our mission is to provide our customers with a complete lawn maintenance service. We offer superior service at the most competitive price with a variety of divisions.

Our services, along with our professionalism and dedication, will exceed your expectations!

Commercial Lawn Care in North DeLand

Looking for professional lawn care services in North DeLand? Grasshoppers is here for you. We’re a professional landscaping and lawn care company proud to serve people in North DeLand! Some of the services we provide include sod installation, pest control, irrigation, landscape design, hardscape design, and tree removal. We deliver prompt service, superior quality with professional motivated employees. We take our business to the next level as we do each and every job we perform. So if you’re looking for expert landscaping contractors in North DeLand, contact Grasshoppers. We’ve been an established lawn maintenance company for over 19 years. We’re fully licensed and insured so you’ll be protected when we’re on the job.

Why Choose Grasshoppers for Your Lawn Care?

Grasshoppers has been an established lawn maintenance company for over 19 years. We are fully licensed and insured so you will be protected when we are on the job.

It is our goal to present ourselves in a professional manner at each jobsite. We want you to be proud of the appearance our company represents on your property.

Our Lawn Care Contractors Specialize In…

  • Commercial landscape design & installation
  • Sod installation
  • Lawn & landscape maintenance
  • Mosquito control
  • Arbor care
  • Palm Care and Installation
  • Residential & Commercial Renovations, Landscape and Hardscapes
  • Tree planting & removal
  • Hardscaping
  • Irrigation
  • French drains
  • Landscape & security lighting installation

We transform your outdoor space to a five-star experience!

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Landscaping In North DeLand

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