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Pathway lighting. Grasshoppers provides expert outdoor lighting repair in the Orlando FL area. Outdoor lighting is a vital part of your property, for obvious safety and security reasons. Outside lights illuminate pathways, entrances, parking lots, and other key areas–but what happens when they don’t come on? Call a commercial landscape lighting repair contractor like Grasshoppers! We provide all outdoor lighting services, including installation, repair, and maintenance!

The Importance of Outdoor Lighting Repair

Outdoor lighting is just like your indoor lighting for your home–bulbs and fuses need to be replaced periodically in order for the lights to work.

When you have an extensive outdoor lighting design, maintenance can be a hassle without the use of an outdoor lighting repair service. Grasshoppers offers comprehensive outdoor lighting repair, including adding new fixtures or upgrading bulbs. If your repairs are extensive, it may also be worthwhile to replace your entire outdoor lighting design. We can work with you to determine the best way to maintain your landscape’s lighting.

Common Solar Light Issues

Solar lights are efficient with utility cost and relatively common in landscape design. Here are some indications that your outdoor solar lights aren’t functioning properly:

  • The lights are coming on, but shut-off ahead of schedule
    • Your batteries are probably dying. For most commercial applications, the batteries should last four to seven years.
    • If you’re within that window, contact the manufacturer for replacement batteries.
    • Solar-powered batteries can only be recharged so many times before they start to fail and need replacing.
  • Your solar lights aren’t coming on at all, are very dim, or shut off almost immediately
    • Your solar panels may be covered with dirt or pollen, and need to be cleaned.
  • The solar lights are flickering
    • This could be a sign of a bad battery connection, a blown fuse, or a damaged lamp.

Do I need outdoor lighting repair or replacement?

If you’re using metal halide, LPS, HPS, or CFL lamps, they need to be replaced every five years on average. We recommend upgrading to LED technology because the average lifespan of an LED fixture is about 15 years.

LEDs will provide more light and in some cases, they may use less power! If you need commercial landscape lighting repair or upgrades for LED technology in the State of Florida, call Grasshoppers today. We can troubleshoot your problem and take care of your solar lighting issues, as well as recommend new lighting design!
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