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Lights along a pathway. Landscape Lighting Installation provided by Grasshoppers in Orlando FL.Florida’s landscaping sector has incorporated a lot of modern technology, blending function with aesthetics. The use of LED landscape lighting and solar lights is more broad than ever, and landscape design is constantly finding new ways to incorporate the latest lighting solutions.

Landscape lighting installation can add curb appeal, beauty, and safety to your property, especially in entrance areas and walkways. If you already have a lighting system in place, we may be able to adapt or modify it to reflect new styles and layouts!

Design is important when it involves landscape lighting installation

When it comes to a landscape lighting installation, it’s best to work with a landscaping contractor who understands outside lights as well. It’s important to select the right accessories and fixtures that light your landscaping with the desired effect. A landscaping contractor can also place power lines and other necessary outlets discreetly, hiding them within landscaping elements.

Grasshoppers offers both landscape design and outdoor lighting design. Contact us to begin your project today!

How is LED landscape lighting powered?

LED landscape lights can be hard-wired into your current exterior electrical system, or they can run independently on solar power. When choosing solar lights, we recommend consulting with us or another landscaping company, because placement really matters with this lighting. If LED lights are placed in shade or areas where the sun is only partial, some LED solar lights may not have enough power to illuminate the area! In these cases, a hard-wired lighting system will work better.

Creative Landscape Lighting Installation

We build custom designs for every property, whether you own your home, manage an HOA or have you own a commercial office building. Blending a variety of techniques, we’re able to get fantastic results with every project. Here are just a few of the design features we incorporate:

  • Spot or Accent Lighting: Used to highlight the focal points in your flower beds, gardens, waterfalls, trees, shrubs, and other areas.
    • They’re also commonly used to light up business signs at night.
  • Shadowing: Lighting the object low and from the front, to project amazing shadows on vertical surfaces like walls.
  • Grazing: Brings out the texture of subjects like masonry walls, tree bark, entrance doors, wood shingles, and other items by positioning the light close by.
  • Silhouetting: Places landscape lights below or behind a bush or trees. It produces a silhouetted effect that can be seen on a ridge or small hill against the skyline.
  • Fountain and Pool Lighting: Used in water features to create dramatic effects and colors.
    • Dimmers, timers, and other features can also be added to intensify the effects.

Choose an experienced landscape lighting installation contractor

It’s important to work with a qualified contractor who’s familiar with Florida’s 2019 building codes for landscape lighting and energy conservation. At Grasshoppers, we take pride in our innovative and creative landscape lighting design, and our experts are up-to-date on Florida’s current building codes. We can take care of the entire outdoor lighting installation, from design to maintenance. Contact us today to make your outdoor lighting shine!

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