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Sprinklers watering a lawn. Grasshoppers provides irrigation systems to homeowners and business in Orlando FL.

Watering your lawn is key to maintaining healthy landscaping. However, it can be tedious watering it by hand. Fortunately, the team at Grasshoppers is happy to help with your irrigation needs. We specialize in irrigation and sprinkler system installation for residential clients and commercial clients throughout the Orlando FL and Longwood FL area. When you work with Grasshoppers, your lawn will remain green and luscious all year round!

Sprinkler System Benefits

Grass, shrubs, and bushes require a certain amount of water to continue growing and look aesthetically pleasing. If you add too much water with an uncalibrated or poorly designed sprinkler system, you risk losing precious nutrients, disrupting growth patterns and soaking plant roots. This can lead to plant rot and even death.

In contrast, failing to add enough water can result in stunted growth and discoloration. We all know what happens to plants when they aren’t watered, and it’s not pretty!

Fortunately, this challenge can be eliminated by installing an irrigation system. The systems we install will automate your watering, controlling the amount of water that is distributed and complying with state regulations. We can assist you in finding the balance that works for your landscape design, plants, and lawn.

Importance of Irrigation Systems

When different elements of landscaping are growing well, they actually help reduce the possibility of disease and weeds. The placement of your irrigation system is very important, as is the type of irrigation you choose. Some sprinkler options allow the water to be delivered straight to the root system, where water can be accessed immediately and only by nearby root systems.

At Grasshoppers, we have the experience necessary to evaluate your landscaping watering needs, recommending the best type of sprinkler or irrigation system for your property. We understand the best way to distribute the right amount of water with the right amount of flow level.  

Experts in Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation

We’ll inspect your residential or commercial property, identify the locations where watering is required, determine water flow requirements, and recommend a high-quality system that will best suit the chosen layout.

Once we’ve come up with the ideal areas for placement of the system, we can begin the installation. Our skilled crew utilizes professional equipment and high-quality products to minimize the need for costly repairs.

We take pride in our ability to provide this service and offer the following:

  • A variety of irrigation system options
  • Recommendations based on your unique location and landscaping
  • An efficient and clean installation
  • As little disturbance to the area as possible

We have the knowledge to formulate a strategy that will best optimize the watering requirements for your landscaping. Contact Grasshoppers today for your irrigation installation! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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