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Landscaping and Lawn Care in DeLand FL

Lawn Care in DeLand FL

DeLand, Florida, known for its quaint charm and vibrant community, is home to the historic Stetson University, Florida's oldest private college. The city's downtown area, with its artful blend of vintage and modern, showcases murals and sculptures that echo its rich cultural heritage. However, residents often grapple with the challenges of maintaining lush lawns and vibrant landscapes under the fierce Florida sun. The high humidity and frequent rainfall can lead to lawn diseases and pest issues, necessitating knowledgeable care and maintenance practices to keep outdoor spaces thriving. Grasshoppers is proud to serve homeowners and businesses in DeLand! Established in 2002, Grasshoppers is a premier landscaping company that specializes in Property Management contracts, Homeowner's Associations, and large commercial properties. We provide award-winning design and lawn maintenance. Whether your home in North DeLand needs weed control or your business in DeLand Southwest could use a custom flower bed, we're here for you. We have the production and specialized equipment to perform projects big and small. Our contractors are licensed and insured, so your property has full protection. We also bring over 17 years of experience, so your property will receive proper care. For professional landscaping services in DeLand contact Grasshoppers today!

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping in Orlando FL From Grasshoppers

Invest in Your Property with Durable, Low-Maintenance Sod

For businesses demanding excellence in every aspect, Grasshoppers delivers superior sod installation services in DeLand. Avoid the complexities of seeding; our professionally grown, mature sod creates denser, greener lawns quickly and efficiently. We understand the nuances of different grass types and their installation, ensuring your commercial space benefits from our expertise and dedication to quality. Choose Grasshoppers for a hassle-free path to a prestigious, welcoming commercial landscape.

Expert Landscape Design Services

Your landscape is the first conversation with your customersmake it count with Grasshoppers' landscape design services. Our passion for creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces translates into a tailored approach that considers everything from soil quality to the local ecosystem. We deliver not just a design but a strategic enhancement of your business environment, ensuring your outdoor space is as inviting and impressive as your business itself. With Grasshoppers, embark on a creative journey to a landscape that captivates and welcomes your customers.

Freshly trimmed hedges by Grasshoppers near a communal pond in the in the greater Orlando area

Landscaping in DeLand

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