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Person trimming shrub. Grasshoppers provides expert shrub care including shrub trimming and maintenance in Orlando FL.

Shrubs are a popular landscaping feature. They look great, they’re easy to care for, and they can add privacy. But they’ll still need occasional TLC, especially in our unique Florida climate. Fortunately, Grasshoppers is here to help. Our team is comprised of FNGLA certified horticulture professionals and ISA certified arborists. We know everything there is to know about shrubs and how to care for them.

We’ll help your shrubs flourish and prevent unwanted pests and diseases with our professional shrub care services.

The Importance of Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming is a key component of your landscape’s aesthetics. Without regular shaping, shrubs can grow unruly in a matter of weeks, especially considering Florida’s climate. If hedges or shrubs are allowed to grow out of shape, it takes extensive work and time to reshape them.

Shrub trimming requires a keen eye and a skilled hand. All of our managers have over 15 years of experience with landscaping, and they’ve trained every one of our shrub specialists.

Shrub Care for HOAs

Grasshoppers also specialize in landscaping for HOAs so if you belong to an HOA or a board member interested in working with us, contact us. We regularly attend HOA meetings so we understand the rules and regulations that must be followed in helping keep your community looking pristine. Give us a call today or fill out our convenient online form. We look forward to working with you.

Benefits of Shrub Care

At Grasshoppers, we take into account your entire landscape. We want to know how every plant works with another to make sure we’re making smart decisions about your landscape’s health.

When shrubs are allowed to grow without being shaped, they can affect plants and grass around them, creating false shade and even killing smaller plants and flowers. Shrubs are typically dense and compact, and their shadows need to be carefully considered.

When trims are ignored, shrub health can also be affected, leading to brown patches, drooping branches, and irreparable damage. If pruning is done at the wrong time, either during the incorrect season or after heavy rainfall, you could end up with a misshapen or even dead shrub!

Our landscaping professionals know exactly when and how to perform hedge trimming, ensuring that your landscape remains vibrant and thriving.

Shrub trimming is also important to identify and treat diseases that may affect plants, as well as pests. Both disease and infestations can spread very quickly. If we catch it on one shrub during regular trimming, we can isolate the issue and prevent your landscape from being affected.

Professionals in Shrub Care and Maintenance

A professional landscaping service can transform your commercial property from average to stunning. Shrub care, including shrub trimming and hedge shaping, is a huge part of that!

When shrubs aren’t trimmed or shaped properly, they can make an entire landscape look droopy or out of place. Take the guesswork out of hedge shaping, and contact Grasshoppers! We handle all aspects of shrub care, from fertilization to trimming, so your landscape will always look its best. Ask us about our irrigation and mulching services to improve the health of your shrubs!

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