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Is sod installation better than growing from grass seed?

Person installing sod on property. Grasshoppers provides expert sod installation in Orlando FL.Before sod became popular, there was grass seed. Growing a lawn from seed takes time. Grass seeds are vulnerable to overwatering and heat and they can quickly be overtaken by weeds. Grass seed also has to be planted at exactly the right time to be effective, and it can still be vulnerable to birds and pests.

Sod is technically grass seed, but it’s already been germinated and planted into a thin layer. To get a great lawn almost instantly, sod installation is your best choice. Because sod is established grass, you’ll have a beautiful lawn with very few weeds, pests, and diseases. After your sod is installed, the grassroots will bond to the soil over a few weeks, making your new lawn permanent.

In a business setting where quality must be kept at a high standard, attempting to seed the soil and maintain growth can be complicated, and it will take months for the grass to look even or even healthy. Our lawn installation service uses professionally grown grass that has been regularly fertilized and curated to ensure strong root development. This helps create a denser, more beautiful lawn.

Benefits of Sod Installation

A lawn installation that utilizes lawn sod has multiple benefits, including:

  • Sod lawns can be walked on after just 2 to 4 weeks after installation
  • Less water is used to establish sod than grass seed
  • You’ll have a lawn that is in place and instantly attractive
  • Your lawn won’t have to be reseeded to ensure proper coverage

Sod is already at its full maturity when it’s installed. This allows it to act as a stabilizer, which has the ability to control erosion if it’s planted on any areas with slopes. It immediately begins absorbing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and releases oxygen. It can also quickly filter and muffle noise that’s present in a business environment.

By creating a strong foundation with sod grass, you’ll start with a lawn that has the potential to flourish and stay healthy for a number of years.

Experts in Sod Installation

Grasshoppers offers full-scale lawn installation services, including sod installation. We have the quality care, experience, and understanding that your new lawn needs to grow and thrive–from proper sod lining to the benefits of different species of grass. If you’d like to have a new lawn installed, or have more questions about sod installation, contact Grasshoppers today!

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