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Person spraying lawn for pests. Lawn Pest Control provided by Grasshoppers in Orlando FloridaMaintaining and grooming your lawn is not enough to keep it healthy and green–every property needs an effective lawn pest control strategy in place as well. Lawn pest control can eliminate lawn damaging insects, nuisance insects, and other unwanted pests. At Grasshoppers, we take pride in our ability to reduce the threat that comes from these pests, creating a nuisance-free environment for your property.

Professional lawn pest control requires a total approach

There are many pests that can damage your property’s lawn. Chinch bugs are a threat to St. Augustine year-round and some chinch bugs are resistant to common pesticides which we treat effectively using newer procedures to control them. Billbugs and mole crickets can seriously injure Zoysia grass by damaging roots under the surface. With these threats constantly active, it’s crucial to implement a professional lawn pest control strategy that can help eliminate these problems.

Our total approach to pest control involves properly identifying the insect, finding the correct and most effective treatment, and applying the treatment carefully. We want to make sure we understand exactly what’s happening on your property!

Pests can cause extensive lawn damage

Pest pressure is continuous on turfgrasses and ornamentals in Central Florida, given our warm climate and mild winters. Each turfgrass species hosts specific pests that will cause severe damage to grass if left untreated. Chinch bugs damage St. Augustine. Billbugs and mealybugs damage Zoysia. Armyworms, sod webworms, grubs, and mole crickets damage all grasses, indiscriminately. Additionally, nuisance insects, such as fleas, ticks, and fire ants do not harm the grass but can become problems in all lawns, which may threaten the comfort and health of pets and humans alike. Our applications handle these threats before they become a major problem.

Here are some basic indications that your lawn may be experiencing an insect infestation:

  • Brown patches
  • Grass discoloration
  • Thin or missing grass
  • Patches of dirt
  • Wilting grass or plants
  • Tunnels or holes in the soil

If you are seeing any of these signs on areas of your lawn, we recommend calling a professional immediately!

Mosquito control is an important component of landscape pest control

Florida’s frequent rains and humid climate make for a perfect mosquito habitat, but your commercial property doesn’t need to be! Take control of your lawn and landscaping areas and keep the mosquitoes away from your community landscaping areas.

We provide mosquito control by using elimination strategies and performing mosquito treatments. Every lawn is different, so we customize your mosquito control strategy to your specific property. Because we’ve handled mosquito control projects for multiple industries and hundreds of properties, we can offer a mosquito reduction plan that is customized to your particular landscaping arrangements.

Choose a lawn pest control company with lawn care experience

A pest control company with little lawn care experience may deliver less than optimal results. An applicator with minimal lawn care training and knowledge can create more problems than they intend to solve. Too little pesticide will render an ineffective application. Too much pesticide will kill your lawn! It’s important to contact an experienced and professional company like Grasshoppers because we understand both lawn pest control and properly caring for your grass.

Your landscaping and lawn are a significant investment, and we want to help you protect it! Pests such as chinch bugs and sod webworms can establish and damage areas of your property very quickly, browning the grass and taking away from the neatness and uniformity of your landscape. We identify and eliminate all types of lawn pests as part of our lawn care services because we believe in a total approach at Grasshoppers.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. Once we have made an assessment and diagnosed your lawn pest control issues, we can discuss our recommendations and a proper course of action. If your location is severely infested, it may involve more frequent visits starting out. From chinch bugs to fleas and ticks, Grasshoppers is here for total lawn protection–call us today!

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