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Storm landscape clean up. Grasshoppers provides landscape preparedness and post-storm cleanup services in Orlando FL and surrounding areas.Whether you are a property developer, owner, manager or run an HOA, Grasshoppers will help you with storm preparedness and landscape clean up in the event of a weather disaster. Viewing your property for the first time following a storm can be overwhelming and surprising. After heavy rainstorms or tropical storms, the property may be littered with limbs, leaves, and branches struck by lightning or downed by high winds.

As a business owner, you understand that curb appeal is essential for attracting customers. Remnants of storm damage can make a commercial property seem unapproachable or appear to be closed. Grasshoppers provides post-storm cleanup services to restore your landscaping and improve your property’s appearance.

Preparing Your Property for Storms and Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 1, with the possibility of a hurricane or tropical storm extending outside of those dates. We will help you prepare for upcoming storms as well as help you clean up after it passes. Our ISA certified arborists can assist you in preparing for the hurricane season by strategically pruning vegetation, branches, and limbs. This will help to limit damage to your property during the storm and aid in cleanup efforts and damage if the storm occurs.

Post Storm or Hurricane Landscape Cleanup and Debris Removal

Landscape cleanup and debris removal are crucial for commercial properties directly following a storm. Any debris that remains can deter customers or even halt business operations entirely. Doing it yourself can be extremely dangerous, especially if there are downed trees and power lines. You could also potentially injure yourself if hanging tree limbs fall without a warning.
The landscape professionals at Grasshoppers are ready to safely clear downed tree limbs, remove entirely downed trees and haul away debris. Our crew is trained in the cleanup of hurricane storm damage and we know the best and most cost-effective methods for restoring your property.

Contact the Experts for Storm Preparedness and Landscape Clean Up

Our storm disaster response clean-up crews work quickly and efficiently to take care of your commercial landscape cleanup and removal needs. We are ready and equipped for any type of storm or disaster cleanup project that hits the Orlando, Florida area.
Contact us today for more information on our storm preparedness and landscape clean up services.

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Storm Preparedness and Landscape Clean Up in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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