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Beautiful green lawn. Grasshoppers provides commercial landscape maintenance services in Orlando FL.Having a uniquely designed, attractive outdoor space for your business will help both curb appeal and create a better working environment for your employees. To ensure that your commercial landscaping stays healthy and pristine, it’s important to have a commercial landscape maintenance company handle the upkeep. This will help ensure that your landscape stays physically attractive, eco-friendly, and maintains its value.

Grasshoppers handles all of your landscaping maintenance

Plants need more than regular water to thrive. Our company has professional landscapers who understand the techniques that are required to make sure that the specific plants in your landscaping stay healthy.

Our expertise gives us the ability to address any issues that may arise unexpectedly, including drainage issues, dry patches, brown vegetation, pests, and other issues. We offer flexibility and total care, and we take care of everything in-house. Because we handle your entire maintenance needs, you won’t need to call another company or service.

Landscaping maintenance can maintain strict aesthetics

You want your commercial property or HOA to look a certain way all the time–not just when the shrubs are trimmed once a year!

When you choose Grasshoppers for your long-term landscape maintenance, you’ll have dedicated professionals who know your property, understand the layout, and can make the best decisions for your property’s preservation. Our trimmers and maintenance crew are expertly trained to maintain and preserve the shape of your landscaping, making sure it stays just as immaculate as when it was installed. Our landscaping maintenance can also help identify potential problems and fix them, before they become a source of major damage.

Our landscaping maintenance is efficient and smart

Commercial landscaping thrives when it merges with the natural ecosystem. If we’ve designed your landscaping, we know exactly how, why, and where to plant specific species. We do this for two reasons: harmony with nature, and efficient maintenance. We know you want your landscaping to look as perfect as possible at all times, and we design your property with this in mind.

If another landscaper has installed your layout, we still have the opportunity to use our education to better your landscaping. As we grow familiar with your landscaping needs, we may suggest replacing certain plants for the longevity and health of your property. If your landscaping has been neglected for some time, we’ll be able to use regular maintenance to gently shape your property back into shape.

Preserve your property with commercial landscape maintenance

Grasshoppers provides comprehensive landscape maintenance. We look at every detail, shaping and preserving your property. Our highly trained staff has the ability to keep your outdoor space looking healthy, aesthetically-pleasing, and vibrant. If you’d like premier landscape maintenance, contact us today!

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