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Person cutting hose. Irrigation and Sprinkler System Repair provided by Grasshoppers in Orlando Florida

Having an irrigation system is great. It takes the hassle out of having to water your lawn by hand every day. However, sprinkler systems need a bit of maintenance to keep them working properly.

If you’re experiencing sprinkler head issues, drowned patches, or unusually high water bills, turn to Grasshoppers. We provide irrigation and sprinkler system repair services for commercial clients in the Orlando FL area. Our technicians are equipped to professionally repair all types of irrigation systems, including sprinklers, subsurface, surface, and drip irrigation systems. 

Signs You Need Irrigation Repair Services

When sprinklers malfunction, it’s pretty obvious when they don’t turn on. But not all irrigation systems can be monitored visually! How can you tell when your irrigation system needs repairs?

Here are some basic indications that an irrigation system isn’t functioning correctly:

    • Scorched or thin patches of grass
    • Wilted, brown, or yellow plants
    • Dry, dead, or shriveled plants
    • Unusual pools of water
    • Eroding soil
    • Exposed roots

Irrigation and sprinkler system repair could involve several different broken components.

When the irrigation system that waters the landscaping and lawn for your business starts to act up, it probably has damaged or broken components somewhere in the system. We provide a thorough analysis that looks at each component to discover the cause of the problem. Sometimes the issue is caused by how the components are reacting with each other–for instance, if a faulty sensor is repeatedly signaling for a head to turn on, it may wear out faster.  Because there are so many moving parts involved with keeping your lawn lush and green, the irrigation repair problem could involve the:

  • Water pump
  • Pump controller
  • Valve box
  • Backflow prevention device

We won’t make any diagnosis until we fully inspect your system. Once we find the problematic component, we’ll replace it with high-quality parts, to ensure the new part provides a lasting solution.

Experts in Irrigation and Sprinkler System Repair Services

We’re familiar with the soil conditions in Central Florida, and we know exactly when the heat will be harshest on your landscaping. We’ll do our best to take care of any irrigation repairs as fast as possible, providing the most quality solution.

After working with various sprinkler heads and irrigation systems for a number of years, we’re familiar with the common areas where wear and tear often occurs. Our experience allows us to provide a solution that will last as long as possible.

Whether you have a leak in your drip irrigation or a rogue sprinkler head, give Grasshoppers a call. We would love to help with all of your irrigation and sprinkler system repair needs. We’ve been proudly serving businesses in the Central Florida area since 2002.

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