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Top view of an unfinished french drain partially covered with drainage rocks - Grasshoppers provides French Drain Installation services in Orlando FL and Longwood FL.

No one looks forward to going outside to a lawn submerged in water, nor a flooded basement. Not only does a waterlogged lawn halt grass growth, but it also attracts insects and benefits weed growth. Likewise, a flooded basement aids for mold growth and can compromise the structural integrity of your home. If you’re experiencing a lawn or basement flood, it’s recommended that you install a French Drain.

If you’re concerned about a flooded basement or lawn and would like to learn more about French drains, turn to Grasshoppers. We provide professional French drain installation services in the Orlando FL area. Contact us today for your personalized estimate!

What is a French Drain?

Despite its name, French drains didn’t originate from France. They were created by a man named Henry French. They’re designed to filter out surface-level water through an underground guttering system. They’re most commonly established under open fields, homeowners’ lawns, and basements, and filter water out away from your residence. Looks-wise, they’re ditches in the ground customarily hidden by pebbles and rocks to offer a more appealing look.


Benefits of French Drains

Owning a French drain system is not only beneficial to your lawn or basement, but also protects you from having to deal with impairment to your home’s foundation and the expensive repairs that come with it. Water damage emergencies in homes have been known to affect 14,000 people in the U.S. alone daily, hence just installing an effective French drainage system is sure to protect your home from a devastating fate.

French Drain Installation Services

If you’re looking to have a French drain professionally installed on your property, turn to Grasshoppers. At Grasshoppers it is our duty to provide our customers with efficient landscaping techniques, and set up custom plans to eliminate any inconveniences in one’s property. For an effective French drain installation, contact Grasshoppers today. We serve the greater Orlando FL and Longwood FL area.

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French Drain Installation in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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