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Person trimming palm tree. Palm Tree Care provided by Grasshoppers in Orlando and Oviedo FLPalm trees are Florida’s living icons. Picturesque and beautiful, they require a specific type of care to ensure that they stay healthy.

Grasshoppers provides all aspects of palm care, including installing, pruning, proper fertilizing, and grooming. Because we offer comprehensive landscaping services, we can evaluate the effect and health of your palms as they grow within your lawn design. We can also help you remove dead or diseased palm trees, making sure that your existing palm trees are kept looking both natural and beautiful.

The Importance of Palm Tree Care

When you have palm trees on your commercial property, they can quickly become unsightly if they aren’t cared for properly. Our professional palm care service helps the palm trees on your business property stay aesthetically pleasing. We have seasoned veteran palm-pruners who manage the care that’s required to maintain your palm trees. It takes a certain finesse to provide the right kind of care for these natural decorations, and we customize our services to the individual tree. When you choose Grasshoppers, your property will have dedicated individuals who will always do their best to offer exceptional service.

The Benefits of Palm Tree Trimming

When palm trees have overgrown leaves, they can begin to look droopy and less attractive. To properly take care of this type of tree, it requires a palm tree trimming specialist who is trained to use proven techniques and safety measures that provide a way to get the job done both safely and effectively.

We know that there are companies out there who advertise palm tree trimming as a casual job, but it involves a lot more than cutting dead material off of a tree. Palm trees were meant to grow under certain conditions and with certain considerations for their flaking bark. We have a team of experts who understand a variety of palm species, and who guide our palm trimmers with advanced techniques.

Palm Care Involves Specific Fertilization Methods

Palm trees are a great addition to any lawn or garden, but they have to be planted carefully. Palm tree fertilizer involves compounds which may conflict or even kill with your other plants, especially certain varieties of grass. Palm trees should only be fertilized from the base of the trunk to the edge of the drip line, and only at certain times of the year. If your current landscaping company isn’t considering how your palm fertilizer interacts with the rest of your yard, call Grasshoppers!

Our Palm Tree Removal Service is Simple and Easy

If one or more of the palm trees on your property becomes diseased or has died, it’s likely that you’ll need to utilize our professional palm tree removal service. Our knowledgeable specialists are trained to safely take down these magnificent trees quickly and without damaging property or landscaping.

Experts in Palm Tree Care

Grasshoppers provides top-of-the-line palm care for every species and landscape. If you want a high-quality service that can offer your palm trees superior maintenance, fertilizing, and pruning, call Grasshoppers today! We’d be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions.

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