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Decorative landscape walls or garden walls are the perfect way to add definition to your landscape. Just as plants and annuals bring color to a landscape, we add texture by incorporating hardscape elements like landscape walls. These decorative walls add curb appeal and help to create interest at eye level. They serve to define the boundaries of your landscape and can help turn an unsightly slope into a beautiful landscape feature. If you’re investing in improvements to your property, landscape or garden walls are the perfect addition.

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Purposes of Decorative Landscape Walls

Landscape walls can serve as design elements and functional features. You can combine landscaping walls with other hardscaping techniques like boulders and rock features to create something unique and special – the sky is the limit! 

Here are some common purposes of landscape walls, but there are many more.

Raised garden beds

Elevating flower and foliage beds helps to add structure and texture to your landscape. These are not only visually appealing but they also help to define the spaces in your yard by lining sidewalks, walkways, or other landscape features.

Two-tiered decorative landscape wall in Orlando area yard provides opportunities for raised garden beds


Similar to landscape edging, decorative landscape walls can act as a border to separate one part of your landscape from another. The contrast of the stone against the foliage helps to distinguish the variety of elements and colors in your landscape.

Stone landscape wall provides background that helps colors and design elements pop in this windermere fl backyard

Keeping mulch and soil in place

Rather than installing a retaining wall, decorative landscape walls can help to keep light topsoil and mulch in place. These walls can act as a tool to improve the appearance of minor slopes by creating a tapered barrier that follows the line of the landscape.

Decorative landscape walls like this one in Winter Garden Florida yard create a tapered barrier that holds mulch and soil in place

Retaining Wall vs. Landscape Walls – What’s the Difference?

Grasshoppers installs landscape walls.

  • Landscape walls are low, up to 2.5’ high. 
  • They help define two areas of a landscape and create contrast.
  • They are decorative, not structural.
  • They are not meant to withstand the weight pressure of heavy, packed earth. Topsoil is relatively light and can be supported by a garden wall. 

Grasshoppers does not install retaining walls.

  • Retaining walls’ structural purpose is to keep a hill, slope, or mound of earth in place.
  • They are over 2.5’ high and require a permit and engineer to design and build.
  • They must adhere to strict construction standards.

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We’ll put together a no-obligation proposal and walk you through the details and timeline. Once approved, your install will be scheduled and completed by our highly knowledgeable team. 

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