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Up close look at a handheld lawn fertilizer spreader. Grasshoppers provides expert lawn fertilizer services and weed control in Orlando FL and Longwood FL.

An excellent landscaping takes more than just watering and mowing. Grass, shrubs, and trees are susceptible to insects and diseases so to keep your landscaping healthy, it’s recommended that it be fertilized at least 6 times a year.

If you own a property in the Orlando FL area and are looking for lawn fertilizer services, Grasshoppers is here for you. We have the skills and expertise to fertilize and maintain your commercial landscaping.

Calculating Lawn Fertilizer

Your lawn will require a proper amount of lawn fertilizer to stay healthy. If too much is applied, it can actually cause burn spots. At Grasshoppers, we can determine the correct amount of fertilizer that should be applied to your lawn by considering your property’s details, including recent storms, drainage issues, and other potential complications.

Lawn fertilizer services vary, if you have other plants within your lawn, especially palm trees, your fertilizing mixture needs to be considered carefully. If the mixture is great for your lawn but terrible for everything else, you might end up killing some of your landscaping! Palm trees can also present complications when fertilizing, especially when their drip lines are large.

What are the 3 Ingredients in Fertilizer?

Lawn fertilizer comes in many different formulations, depending on the type of grass. Basic fertilizer contains potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, all in varying amounts. These ingredients help in a few different ways:

  • Nitrogen stimulates growth and enhances green color
  • Phosphorus provides for better overall health and enhances blooms
  • Potassium helps stimulate the growth of roots

When you look at the outside of a fertilizer bag, you’ll usually see three numbers such as 10-10-10. These numbers indicate the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are included in the mixture.

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

Fertilizer treatments must be scheduled in specific ways to produce a lawn that stays green and healthy. Our landscaping contractors understand the chemistry behind fertilizer mixtures. They know exactly when and how to apply lawn fertilizer. Some fertilizers can also be made as “slow-release” mixtures, which is typically better for Florida’s frequent rains.

HOA Lawn Fertilizer Services

At Grasshoppers, we specialize in HOA lawn care services. When fertilizing your lawn, we’ll tailor your lawn maintenance to suit the needs of your landscaping. We’ll formulate a strategy that includes fertilizer mixture, schedule, and environmental factors so that stimulation and growth occurs at a steady, natural pace. We want to create a lush, green lawn for your HOA properties. Contact Grasshoppers today for lawn fertilizer services!

Professional Lawn Fertilizer Services

While regular watering is obviously an important part in keeping your landscaping lush and healthy, lawn fertilizer also plays a huge role.

For expert lawn fertilizer services, contact Grasshoppers. We’ll treat your lawn on a periodic schedule to ensure your landscaping looks fantastic all year long. We’re FNGLA Certified Landscaping Contractors and ISA Certified arborists with over 19 years of experience!


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