Irrigation sprinklers watering lawn. Grasshoppers Landscaping serving Orlando FL talks about the importance of maintaining your irrigation. in Orlando, FLA lush, beautiful yard adds curb appeal to your property, and to keep it looking pristine, you need to water it. Most commercial properties use underground sprinklers because they’re efficient but as with any other piece of equipment, you’ll need to maintain your irrigation system to keep it properly working.

Inspect Your Sprinklers

Your sprinkler system is comprised of many different parts. You have sprinkler heads, pipes, nozzles, and valves. Although they’re designed to withstand normal wear and tear, the environment, time, dogs, and people can cause them to move or break. You should inspect your sprinklers monthly and seasonally to ensure they’re where they should be and working properly.

Types of monthly checks include:

  • Sprinkler spray adjustments
  • Time adjustments
  • Mainline filter cleaning

Types of seasonal checks include:

  • Filter cleanings
  • Sprinkler head cleanings
  • Valve inspections

Adapt Your Sprinklers to the Changing Season

The seasons change and so should your irrigation system’s schedule. Each season has different weather patterns and temperatures that will affect your lawn and landscaping, especially during the summer. You don’t want brown patches on your lawn!

You’ll want to adjust your irrigation system seasonally to ensure your property is being well-watered–never underwatered or overwatered.

Service Your Irrigation System When Necessary

While routine maintenance helps keep your irrigation system in good working order, it’s still important to perform repairs when needed. For example, leaks and clogs are issues you’ll want to fix immediately before they become worse and damage your entire irrigation system.

Experts in Irrigation

Your irrigation system is constantly being put to the test, especially in Florida’s hot summer months as it works hard to hydrate your lawn, plants, gardens, and shrubs with just the right amount of water. We understand that it can be easy to overlook your irrigation system, especially when it’s working as it should. But in time it may start experiencing issues like line clogs which only get worse as time goes on. If your Florida irrigation system is in need of maintenance or repairs, Grasshoppers is here for you. Give us a call today for an estimate!

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Irrigation in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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