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tree cut down in front of propertyGorgeous, towering trees are a wonderful part of the local environment here in Florida. That said, there are some scenarios where it’s necessary to remove one in order to preserve the overall health and safety of your property. Whether a tree is damaged, diseased, or simply getting in the way, professional removal services will handle the problem while protecting the rest of your landscape. 

At Grasshoppers, we take a detailed approach to tree removals. Our licensed arborists begin by carefully inspecting the tree and, in cases of storm damage or disease, will help you explore any available treatment options. Once we’ve determined that removal is the best course of action, we can handle everything from permitting to stump grinding so the process is as easy as possible.

Signs You Need Tree Cutting Services

Deciding whether you should remove a tree isn’t an easy task, especially if you like the way it adds to your landscape. However, if it is unhealthy and at risk of falling or losing branches, keeping it could put you, your guests, and your property in danger. You might need tree removal services if:

  • Lack of growth during spring or summer
  • Brittle, cracked, or falling branches
  • Hollow sections or splits in the trunk
  • Fungal growth, especially near the roots
  • Signs of pest damage, such as carpenter ants
  • Branches growing too close to structures like power lines
  • Roots damaging foundations, sidewalks, or pipes
  • Severe storm damage, such as broken branches

Depending on how severe the problem is, it may be possible to salvage your tree by implementing other tree care tactics such as pest control or targeted pruning. Regardless, if you notice any of those signs, you should contact an arborist right away to get their advice. 

What Does Tree Removal Include?

Removals aren’t as simple as just cutting down a tree. There are a few other steps involved, designed to protect the environment and your safety. Adhering to best industry practices, Grasshoppers’s tree removal services include:

  • Inspection: Our arborists strive to preserve the beauty of Florida’s environment, so we don’t turn to tree removal as a first solution when dealing with problems such as damage or disease. Prior to getting started, we’ll inspect the tree and discuss all available options beforehand.
  • Permitting: Here in Florida, permits are a required step in the tree removal process. These permits ensure that only unhealthy or misplaced trees are removed. Our team will obtain these permits on your behalf so the removal is 100% compliant with local regulations. 
  • Felling: After blocking off the area around the tree for your safety, we will start cutting the limbs down strategically. If close by parts of your yard need to be protected, we’ll carefully lower each limb instead of dropping it to prevent property damage. 
  • Limb disposal: To ensure you don’t have a major mess to clean up once we’re done, our team will handle the wood disposal on your behalf. 
  • Optional stump grinding: Stumps can be unsightly and are a major pest magnet. If you don’t want to deal with a stump afterward, our team can handle the stump grinding immediately after the tree removal.

Tree Removal FAQs

No, tree removals in Florida don’t always require a permit. If you own a residential property and have obtained a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification report from a certified arborist, you may be able to remove a tree that the arborist confirms is dangerous. That said, some local governing bodies—such as HOAs—may have additional requirements, so be sure to research your community or verify with your arborist before removing the tree.

Tree cutting isn’t usually a very long process. In most cases, the appointment will take a couple of hours or less. Larger trees or those placed near structures like power lines may take longer, and additional stump grinding could add some extra time as well.

While stump removal isn’t required after cutting down a tree, it does offer a few benefits:

  • Pest prevention
  • Reduced risk of root regrowth
  • Increased aesthetic appeal
  • No tripping hazard
  • Easier lawn maintenance
  • Room for tree replanting, if desired

Professional Tree Removal in Florida

Whether you’re dealing with a hazardous tree that’s threatening your home or simply looking to enhance your landscape, Grasshoppers’s comprehensive tree removal services are tailored to meet your needs. Our certified arborists use state-of-the-art equipment and industry-best practices to safely and efficiently remove trees, all while minimizing disruption to your surroundings. To learn more or schedule your tree cutting appointment, give our team a call today.

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