Grasshoppers Commercial Landscaping Portfolio in Orlando FL & Longwood FLIf you own a business, you know that time is money, and taking care of your own landscaping is a huge undertaking, especially if you have a large property. There are trees to prune, grass to mow, sprinklers to manage, and flowers to take care of. These examples alone are perfect reasons to hire a landscaping company to maintain your business. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, having a properly manicured lawn also comes with other benefits.

1. Curb Appeal

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. The exterior of your building and the landscaping are the first things people see after all! Beautiful, well-kept looking landscaping may influence and attract potential buyers, thus increase more sales, while unmanaged eyesores may turn people in the other direction.

By beautifying your landscaping, you’re also showing customers that your business cares about its image.

2. Help Increase Your Property Value

Attractive and well-maintained landscaping can also provide you with a high return on investment as good landscaping help increase property values.

3. Support Sustainability

A great way to support sustainability in your community is to go green. Consider planting native trees and plants on your property or installing drainage systems to properly channel stormwater.

Plants and trees are great for the environment. They can filter out dust and pollutants from the air and help lower your heating and cooling costs. Trees are also attractive and can help make your business more appealing to customers. In fact, one study found trees highly influence consumer perceptions and behaviors.

4. Improve Safety

It’s important that you, your customers, and staff feel safe at your business. Keep in mind, trees can get sick and flower beds can be harborages for rodents and insects. Landscapers can diagnose plant diseases and provide pest control services on properties. They can also spot weak branches and prune them before they become safety issues. Not only that, landscapers will also ensure your walkways are in good condition as most companies also provide hardscaping services.

Lighting is another important aspect of landscaping that can improve safety. Not only can it highlight your storefront or business sign, but lighting can help people avoid stumbles in dark places or even help deter criminals.

5. Improve Employee Morale

In addition to these other benefits, landscaping your business is also a great way to improve your employee morale. You can provide them with a nice outdoor space to unwind and take breaks or even create a staff garden for team building and stress management.

Landscaping for your business is very important as you can see. If you’re interested in landscape maintenance, irrigation, patio installation, lighting, and more contact Grasshoppers. We specialize in commercial and HOA landscaping in the Orlando Florida area. We look forward to helping meet your landscaping goals.

Top Benefits of Landscaping Your Business in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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