Landscape Lighting for Your Home

A house with lighting at dusk in Orlando, FL

A house with lighting at dusk in Orlando, FLYou spend a lot of time and effort making your home and yard look so good, why hide it all at night? Landscape lighting is a great way to showcase your home’s architecture, your beautifully-designed hardscape, and your gorgeous flower bed. In this blog post, we’ll explain the benefits of landscape lighting and why you may want to invest in it.

1. Curb Appeal

When properly installed, landscape lighting can highlight your home’s best features. Those french doors you just installed, the tall columns on your porch and your dormers can all be accentuated with exterior lighting. Water features, designed flower beds, trees, and other focal points can also come to life with strategically placed lighting.

2. Improved Security & Safety

In addition to visual appeal, exterior lighting also doubles as security. Strategically placed lights along pathways and steps will make your home safer by allowing for increased visibility. And lights placed around the perimeter of your home and garage will help deter break-in attempts.

3. Balance

Do you have a mother-in-law suite, detached garage or swimming pool? These often go overlooked. But you can create an overall look that works in harmony with your current exterior lighting. Soffit lighting can enhance the architecture of garage doors or any detached space. While pool lighting can create dramatic effects and colors.

4. Value

Regardless of how big or small, your home is, landscape lighting can highlight its best features, adding dimension and flair. A well-designed lighting plan can transform a dark and dull property into a look of elegance, providing a huge advantage when it comes to selling.

You work hard to keep your home looking great and it should be appreciated both day and night. If you’re considering landscape lighting for your property, let Grasshoppers help you. We are knowledgeable about Florida’s building codes for landscape lighting and energy conservation. We provide energy-efficient lighting, motion sensor lighting, and lighting with automatic timers.

How Lighting Can Affect Your Business

Lights illuminating path at night. Grasshoppers talks about the benefits exterior lighting can add to your Orlando FL business

Lights illuminating path at night. Grasshoppers talks about the benefits exterior lighting can add to your Orlando FL business

Lighting doesn’t just illuminate a room, it can make your business inviting, and even affect a person’s mood, completely changing your customer’s experience. In this blog post, we’ll discuss more ways lighting can help improve your business.

Attracts Customers

Customers like places that are well-lit. So if you have a dark storefront people will think your store is closed. Outdoor lighting shows people that your business is open and that you are ready to provide service. It also shows that you care about your company’s brand which is both beneficial to new and existing customers.

Increases Visibility

The way you have your lighting arranged can also help people find their way to your location. Whether your location is tucked away somewhere or it’s wintertime when the days are shorter and you want to make sure customers know you are open long after dusk, lighting helps increase your business’ visibility.

Creates Safety

If you’re open in the evening, there’s a high possibility a customer may come into your business after they get off work when it’s dark outside. You can make it more comfortable for them by installing exterior lighting. Whether you install lighting around the perimeter of your property or just near the entrance, the added light will provide your customers with some peace of mind.

A well-lit business can also help stave off potential criminals for your business. And surrounding businesses as well, creating an overall safer area.

Highlights Deals

If you have the right kind of lighting, you can also highlight deals and promotions you have going on in your business. The lights will attract people nearby and potentially send them into your store.

Provides a Luxury Experience

If you own a restaurant and would like to expand seating to your outdoor patio, you can with the help of exterior lights. Exterior lights can even be soft or dimmed down to set a mood providing an unforgettable experience to patrons.

How you light your property could help dramatically. It can attract more customers, make your business safer, and provide curb appeal. If you’re interested in professional exterior lighting on your commercial property, contact a professional. They’ll inspect your property, come up with a design and professional install exterior lighting that works with your needs and your budget! If you have any questions about commercial exterior lighting, contact us.