Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

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If you’re looking to put your home on the market, you may have heard that you can raise its property value through landscaping. But is that true? How does landscaping increase property value, and what can you do on your own as opposed to through a professional landscaping company? At Grasshoppers, we believe every yard has the potential for great beauty. It all comes down to cost, creativity, and choice of contractor – three qualities that can turn your yard into something special. Let’s go through each factor and see how we can help!


We won’t pretend that every household in the Greater Orlando Area has the resources to pursue elaborate landscaping. You can still make moves with your home’s curb appeal in mind. Curb appeal describes that crucial first impression your property gives to anyone walking or driving by. And, while a completely redesigned yard would definitely improve your curb appeal, so would trimming any overgrown greenery. You could take care of missing shingles or other visible forms of damage, or even install basic landscape lighting in the area. These are all things that’ll add value to your home, and they all cost little to no money to implement.

At the same time, though, those with the ability would greatly benefit from professional landscaping. All it takes is some insight and innovative thinking.


There is no exact rate in which landscaping improves your home’s property value. It all depends on your geographic location, but The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association estimates that landscaping can increase your home’s value by up to 14%. Even small forms of landscape design and renovation will amount to an appealing selling point for potential buyers. When paired with new windows for the house itself, you can get the most out of your listing on the market.

Choice of Contractor

We mentioned before, there is work you can do on your own to increase your home’s property value. At the same time, it’s important to keep in mind what is too complicated to do on your own. A poorly designed landscape will only detract from your home’s curb appeal, and if you attempt certain projects without a professional you will likely wind up with costly repairs to pay for. It saves massive amounts of time and trouble to trust an expert team of contractors like the ones at Grasshoppers. We provide comprehensive landscaping services in the Orlando FL area. We can help bring more beauty to your home. To learn more, contact us today!

The Importance of Landscape Design

Landscaped bushes and plants in Orlando, FL

Landscaping Design and Its Importance

Your yard is more than just a place to play or unwind at the end of a long day, it’s also an ecosystem. Sunny areas, shaded areas, and slopes of the land all have different needs and should be taken into consideration before a landscape design is installed.  Keep reading to learn more about the importance of landscape design. 

Curb Appeal

The right landscape design should complement your building’s exterior features and enhance the outdoor space. With a uniform and tidy landscape design, visitors will be impressed. 

Environmental Impact

A proper landscape design can help conserve water, reduce nutrient pollution in stormwater, and reduce chemical inputs. It should also have proper drainage solutions. 

Cost Savings

When a landscape design incorporates native plants that are suited for the soil type, rainfall, and other conditions, they will require less maintenance later. Efficient irrigation, appropriate fertilizing, and mulch can add to cost savings. 

Reduce Air Pollutants

Plants naturally absorb harmful chemicals and pollutants by purifying the air. Adding various amounts of plants and foliage into your landscape design allows you to embrace nature and improve your air quality. 

Landscape Design in Central Florida

If you run a business or HOA in Central Florida and are looking for a landscaping company that can provide you with a stunning landscape design, turn to Grasshoppers. Our landscaping contractors will plant the right flowers, grass, and trees for your property and help you care for them all year round. Contact us today to get started on your landscaping project!