Row of palm trees - Grasshoppers serving Orlando FL talks about how to prepare your lawn for hurricane season in Orlando, FLSeptember is the most common month for hurricane landfall in Florida, so we at Grasshoppers are offering some ways you can help keep your lawn and plants safe before a storm hits.

Check Drainage

Clean out your gutters, downspouts, and storm drains. If they’re filled with debris, they won’t drain properly, leading to flooding. Standing water can spell disaster for your property because it can cause trees to fall over even long after the storm.

Prune Branches

Unhealthy and dying branches are weak and more likely to fall off during a strong storm, which can damage roofs, cars, and siding. Prune these now and remove the debris off of your property to help prevent a safety hazard.

Take Care of Small Plants

Have decorative plants outside? If they’re small enough, bring them indoors. If they’re on the larger side, put them in another protected area or lay them on their sides.

Stake Delicate Trees

If you have young or delicate trees on your property, consider staking them. Young trees don’t have strong root systems like mature trees do so they are more prone to being uprooted.

Turn off Irrigation

Many sprinklers turn off automatically when rain hits, but if a storm is imminent, you’ll want to turn them off manually. Hurricanes already bring lots of heavy rain. Pair that with your irrigation and this will only cause trees to uproot and plants to become overwatered.


Mulch is often washed away from plant beds during heavy storms so plan to replace your mulch once the storm clears. If your plant beds are still quite wet, wait for them to dry before mulching. Some edging materials can help contain the mulch, but they also hold water in.

Clean-Up or Tie Down Belongings

Walk around your property and remove any debris or other items that can pose safety hazards during a hurricane. You’ll also want to make plans for your patio furniture and other large items you cannot store indoors. Tying them down is one option.

Are You Prepared for a Hurricane?

Many businesses and HOAs try to handle problems on their own. While we understand landscapers can’t do everything for you, there are instances when you can’t afford to use their services. If a storm wreaks havoc on your property, don’t wait to get it cleaned up. Instead, contact us. We provide storm cleanup services for businesses in the Orlando area. Our experts will clear out downed trees and haul away debris, eliminating any hazards on your property so you can get back to business.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Hurricane Season in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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