Thinking of adding plants to your landscape, but worried they won’t survive with our unique Florida climate? Don’t let that get the best of you. There are plenty of Florida-native plants out there you can use to build your perfect landscape!

We at Grasshoppers have put together a list of our favorite Florida plants that can endure the humidity, drought, and heat we often experience in Florida. Let’s get right into them.


The agave plant is a perennial succulent that has large rosettes of thick, pointy leaves. These plants are easy to grow and are very drought-tolerant.




Beach Sunflower

Beach sunflowers love the sun, in fact, their flower heads always follow the sunlight! These bright yellow flowers are often used for groundcover. They are drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant, so they’re great if you live on the coast.




Blanket Flower

Blanket flowers are a bright red and gold flower in the sunflower family. These short-lived perennials are easy to grow and love direct sunlight. They make a great companion for the beach sunflower.




Firebush plant. Grasshoppers in Orlando FL talks about some hardy plants native to Orlando, FLFirebush

The firebush is a large perennial shrub in the coffee family that works well on its own or in hedges. This shrub grows best in full sun, but it can also be planted in areas with partial shade. Firebush is also slightly salt-tolerant, so it can work well in coastal areas. Many people love this shrub because its flowers and berries attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and songbirds.



Lantana plant. Grasshoppers in Orlando FL talks about some hardy plants native to Orlando, FLLantana

Latana plants are one of the most popular landscaping plants available. Used for groundcover, these plants are low-maintenance, salt-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and drought-tolerant. They also come in several varieties.




Passion Flower plant. Grasshoppers in Orlando FL talks about some hardy plants native to Orlando, FLPassion Flower

The passion flower is as drought-tolerant as it is strikingly beautiful. These perennial plants produce flowers that come in shades of purple and lavender. Each flower lasts around a day or two during the summer and fall, then matures into a green fruit.




Saw palmetto plant. Grasshoppers in Orlando FL talks about some hardy plants native to Orlando, FL

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto plants are another popular landscape plant because they tolerate a range of conditions. These palms prefer direct sunlight but will grow nearly everywhere. If you’re trying to landscape a walkway, saw palmetto is not a good choice. These plants have sharp, saw-like teeth that can cut through skin.




As a commercial business, you know how much of an impact your landscape has. This is just a shortlist of hardy Florida-native plants you can add to your landscape. To learn about more drought-tolerant plants or to revamp your landscape, give us a call. We can provide you with an expansive list of plants, flowers, and shrubs you use as part of your landscaping.

Hardy Plants Native to Florida in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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