How Outdoor Lighting Can Brighten Your Business

Lighting along a walkway with palm trees in Orlando, FL

Lighting along a walkway with palm trees in Orlando, FLAs a business owner, we understand you pay a lot of attention to your landscape. You’ve invested in flowers, shrubs, and trees. But your curb appeal shouldn’t end just because it’s nighttime. Outdoor lighting can illuminate your landscape, your walkways, and your business, giving your property a safe and inviting look during evening hours.

Create Focal Points

The parts of your business property that you want to highlight or are most proud of can become focal points at night. Think of your front doors or your business sign. Maybe you have a flower bed design or pathway.

Outdoor Lighting Adds Property Value

Landscaping experts say professional landscaping can increase the value of your property by at least 15%. Imagine the value that could be added when you make your landscaping illuminated year-round.

Outdoor Lighting Increases Security

Effective outdoor lighting will not only help deter potential thieves, but it can also help prevent injuries from slips and falls from stairs or cracks in pathways. Outdoor lighting will simply direct clients or customers right to your door in a way that’s warm and inviting.

Highlight Architectural Features

Every building has unique architectural features. Do you have an older building that has columns or scroll work or a modern building with sharp angles and clean lines? We have many types of outdoor lights that we can place appropriately to draw people’s eyes to the details of your building.

Experts in Landscape Lighting

There are a handful of ways outdoor lighting can help with your business. If you’re interested in taking your landscaping to the next level with landscape lighting, contact Grasshoppers. We serve commercial clients throughout the Orlando and Longwood FL areas.

Our landscaping contractors have extensive training in lighting and electrical work. We’ll work with you to choose the right lighting fixtures and design, then install them for you accordingly to best suit your goals. Learn more about our outdoor lighting services and contact us today for your personalized estimate!