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Landscaping and Lawn Care in Wekiwa Springs FL

Lawn Care in Wekiwa Springs FL

Wekiwa Springs, with its crystal-clear waters and extensive natural park, offers a tranquil escape and a wealth of outdoor activities. The main landscaping challenge in the Wekiwa Springs area is preserving its pristine condition amidst increasing visitation and nearby development. This includes protecting the spring and its watershed through conservation landscaping practices, promoting native plantings to support local wildlife, and implementing measures to reduce erosion and maintain water quality. If you're looking to elevate your property in Wekiwa Springs, contact Grasshoppers. Since 2002, we've been providing comprehensive landscaping services that are second to none. Some of the services we offer include lawn care, irrigation, outdoor lighting installation, weed care, lawn pest control, and so much more. Want a beautiful flower bed design complete with your logo, or a serene water feature to highlight your entrance? We install those too! Your lawn is an investment and we want to help you protect it, so give us a call today for an estimate on our lawn care services in Wekiwa Springs.

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping in Orlando FL From Grasshoppers

Expert Landscape Design Services

Your landscape is the first conversation with your customersmake it count with Grasshoppers' landscape design services. Our passion for creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces translates into a tailored approach that considers everything from soil quality to the local ecosystem. We deliver not just a design but a strategic enhancement of your business environment, ensuring your outdoor space is as inviting and impressive as your business itself. With Grasshoppers, embark on a creative journey to a landscape that captivates and welcomes your customers.

Let Us Tailor a Landscape Maintenance Plan to Your HOA

Tap into the full potential of your HOA's landscape with Grasshoppers' unparalleled landscape maintenance plan. Our team, backed by two decades of excellence, delivers bespoke care plans that fit precisely with your community's aesthetics and requirements. From expert mowing schedules to meticulous fertilization and weed control, we ensure every inch of your outdoor space reflects perfection. Grasshoppers not only enhances your community's appeal but also fosters a safe, inviting environment for all residents to enjoy.

LED Outdoor lighting by Grasshoppers in the in the greater Orlando area

Landscaping in Wekiwa Springs

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