Keeping your lawn green and lush is important, especially during the long warm days of spring and summer. Even when owning property in areas where the rainfall amount is much higher than the national average, your lawn will still face many days without rain aiding its growth. You must always keep in mind the fact that the sun is trying to cook your lawn, and pulling out a hose daily to spray your lawn unevenly will probably not protect it. With a lawn irrigation system, you eliminate having to manually water your grass, and having an embarrassingly yellow yard.

Benefits of Lawn Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system helps control the supply of water to your lawn so that it’s always well watered. Here are just a few of the benefits of an irrigation system.

  • Saves time: irrigation systems run automatically so you don’t need to continually move a sprinkler around. This will save you valuable time and comes in handy when you’re traveling away from home.
  • Saves water: It’s nearly impossible to manage how much water you’ve used with a hose. Not only can overwatering be damaging to your lawn, but it can also increase your water bill.
  • Saves money: because you can control how much water you’re using, you can control how much you’re spending on water usage.
  • The system is customizable: you can set your irrigation system to water early in the morning and at dusk when lawn watering is best. This will minimize evaporation and oversaturation.

Professional Irrigation Installation Services

Keeping your lawn healthy is essential for a number of reasons, ranging from value to aesthetics. However, maintaining a lush green lawn year-round can be difficult without the help of a lawn irrigation system. If you’re ready to restore your dried-out lawn, Grasshoppers is the company for you! At Grasshoppers, we strive to refurbish your property with an effective irrigation system made to aid growth in times of drought. Our landscaping technicians are proficient in placing convenient sprinkler systems designed to evenly distribute water across your whole lawn, without overwatering it! If you’re in need of a beneficial irrigation system, contact us today!

Why is Lawn Irrigation Important? in the greater Orlando area and Longwood FL

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