Warm weather throughout Central Florida is a beloved time to play outside, grill, and explore your own “backyard.” It’s also a great time to have your HOA management company start preparing the neighborhood for the hotter season ahead.

This will ensure the landscaping features are ready for the change in temperature and humidity and that they maintain a consistent look throughout the neighborhood.

When you work with a landscaping company, you get unrivaled knowledge of trees, plants, and grass. They know which plants are native to the area, which can withstand the temperatures, and which work well together.

1. Plant Native Plants

The climate is unique in Florida. When choosing plants for your landscape, go with ones that are native to the area and that can tolerate the weather patterns. This will make landscaping maintenance easier and allow those plants to thrive in the summer.

2. Check the Sprinkler System

Proper hydration is important for your lawn and plants. Overwatering and underwatering can both harm them. Ensure your sprinkler system is working properly and set the watering schedule to the morning. This allows water to be absorbed deeper into the ground, rather than be evaporated quickly by the sun.

3. Clean Up Hardscapes

If vegetation has taken over your paths and retaining walls, now is a great time to cut them back. Overgrown vegetation is not only unsightly but it also provides harborages for pests.

4. Remove/Kill Weeds

The longer you wait to pull weeds, the more likely they’ll spread their seeds throughout your property, leading to a bigger weed problem. You can pull weeds out by hand with a garden knife, cultivator, or hoe or you can use an herbicide.

5. Mow Your Grass On a High Setting

A common misconception we hear is that short grass is a sign that it’s healthy. But, it’s actually better for your grass to keep it pretty high. We recommend not mowing your grass shorter than 4 inches. This will protect the soil, keep it hydrated, and help limit weed growth. Plus, the roots will already be stressed from the summer heat.

6. Treat for Lawn Pests

Grubs, billbugs, cutworms, and many other insects can ruin a lawn, quickly. You need to stop them at the first sign of damage. Investing in lawn pest control is often the best way to eliminate these issues and prevent them in the first place.

7. Test Soil

Your lawn’s pH levels can impact its growth. Make sure it’s healthy by testing the pH of your soil. This can also be helpful in determining a treatment plan to ensure it absorbs the fertilizers you apply.

HOA Landscaping Contractors in Orlando FL

Plants and lawns thrive in the summer, but they’re also prone to pest infestations, drought, and rot so they need some extra attention this time of year. To make sure your HOA property stays beautiful and consistent all year round, turn to Grasshoppers. Our landscaping team specializes in HOA landscaping maintenance, everything from lawn care to hardscaping. Contact us today to see why so many HOAs have trusted us!

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